Orange County Idle Org

First of all, I would like to compliment you on your terrific idea of starting a blog documenting the current state of various “Ideal Orgs.”  I believe that this is a singularly crucial idea in exposing much of the fraud that David Miscavige is perpetuating within the Church of Scientology.   While it is important to document other aspects of the Church’s activities, focusing on the reality vs. image of Ideal Orgs is especially powerful because people can actually see direct physical evidence for themselves that contradicts what the Church is telling them.
I became quite interested in this situation myself when Tony Ortega of the Village Voice published a flyer from the San Fernando Valley Org that purported to represent the “Golden State of Ideal Orgs.”  Here’s a link to that flyer:
Living in So Cal, I immediately recognized that the picture of the Orange County “Ideal Org” did not even begin to come close to representing the actual current state of that Org.
Here is the picture from the flyer (which was published in Tony’s blog on March 25th):
The lights are on and they’re open for business, right?  Uh, well, ok, here’s a picture that I took as of April 4th.  Notice that many of the ground floor doors and windows are boarded up.  And, of course, the place is nowhere near being open.
At the same time, a friend mentioned to me that they had driven by the Valley “Ideal Org”…

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