London Tottenham Court Road Test Centre

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London Tottenham Court Road Test Centre

At the last New Year’s event I nearly fell off my chair when I heard the stats for Tottenham Court Road test centre. The stats were far, far higher than when I helped out there. I helped out on Sundays doing stress tests and book selling.The staff there were fantastic, dedicated, smart, capable. The facilities where great, very upstat: TV’s on the walls, nice decor and a very large capacity test centre with computers for evaluating tests in the centre of London. The ideal test centre. This was in 2009. The only non-ideal part was hardly anybody came in and it was difficult to sell books. I would only sell one or two a day. The others would do no better. The public were very reluctant to do personality tests and the staff were even more reluctant to evaluate them. The reason why was that the computerised test evaluation was just rubbish and the staff are not even given any training on how to evaluate this. Imagine, if you will, joining staff as a new Scientologist on Monday and being put on the test line on Tuesday and the other staff there had the same training as you on the subject: None.

On average the test center, including day and foundation, did seven tests per week. I would look at all the tests in the inbox. I’m an expert in evaluating OCA tests and I did a whole hat write up and was willing to instruct the staff, but this offer was refused on the grounds that it was a wrong flow. The Org was supposed to train the public not the public train the Org. To my knowledge, and, in the year or so that I went there, nobody could evaluate this test. The computer Eval was completely inaccurate and only caused ARC breaks. It is insane to believe that a computer can evaluate for Thetan and that’s even if the programmer was expert in the OCA Eval and computer programming which is very unlikely. I wrote to RTC at that time stating that I believed their psychometric testing kit was inaccurate and the computerised Eval was worse than useless.
On any of the days I was at the test centre nobody started on a course. RTC did not respond to my to my report on the OCA test.Test centres were doing exactly as planned. It should be called the ARC break centre and the stats should read number of ARC breaks delivered

I did not go to the main Org much, but, when I did, it was always semi-deserted. I thought the public must be in a different part of this fabulous building. My 2D did some auditing at London and she says she was mostly the only PC in the HGC. I was also puzzled at the OCA testers lack of training because I know at least one Sea Org staff member who is expert in the OCA and he holds a post that he is not qualified for and is probably the least suited to the post out of 200 staff.
The entry to the bottom of the bridge is an obstacle course and the top of the bridge looks like a minefield.

Perhaps a miracle occurred after I left.

I hope this insight into the idle orgs helps.

Great staff – pity about the management.


  1. How was the OCA testing kit inaccurate? Can you give any specific examples? I’m very interested in the org’s various tests.

  2. When I worked there in the mid 2000’s we were selling anything from a low of 33 books a week to high’s of 1000. Div 6 also had a bit of a boom for a while, there were some OK stats.

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