San Diego Idle Org

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One other “Ideal Org” depicted on the flyer from the San Fernando Valley flyer is this picture representing San Diego:
First of all, it’s interesting to note that the Church is actually trying to sell this building, as evinced by the “for sale” sign visible in this picture taken from Google Street View (but not shown in the picture in the flyer):
Secondly, this location is not the Ideal Org for San Diego.  That is at a different location that the Church has purchased and owned for years, and is currently in a state of disrepair.  While this picture is taken from Google Street View from May of last year, locals report that this location is completely untouched.   The Church has not been able to sell their existing location, nor have they been able to raise the funds to perform any significant upgrade to their proposed Ideal Org.


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  1. An addendum – the Church is also trying to sell the property that their “Ideal Org” is sitting on for 9.3 million.

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