Nashville Celebrity Center

Hi Izhar,
I came across this posting; it appears to be from a current Church member who was making a comment about the current Celebrity Center in Nashville.  Quite interesting considering they became an “Ideal Org” back in 2009.


Here is the text:

“Very sorry but I have lo be honest I attended the org in New York but, I moved down here to be close to my farther who is ill. Well, the NY org has very good life and people actually come into the org. Celebrity Center Nashville is bascially an org in Non-Existence most of the lime. I have spoken to a few of the public who attend this org and they seem very skeptical about this org succeeding. l can only imagen how much the staff make weekly. l was also told that the staff has changed about 90% percent since moving to this newer building I don’t think LRH would consider this an ideal org much less just a mission at the standards of levet this org is in. I have lo admit that I would rather not attend this org If it cannot produce good affluency. I really hope RTC views this cornment or atleast HCO at celebrity center nashville. Guys, maybe it’s time to change your battle plans Maybe ask for help from other ideal orgs that are in affluency. You are near Clearwater FL maybe ask Item to give you some help in REG or atleast how to promote your org more better I think I will just take a tnp down to Clearwater and get moving over there instead Well I hope you guys can do better I am just hoping so.”


  1. I heard that most of the staff there were from CCInt and were sea org. They are going out to local missions to recruit people to go to Nashville. As far away as Charlotte! Desperate.

    1. Izhar Perlman

      Thank you for the data :)

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