Cincinnati Idle Org – July 8 2012


Here is my write up on Cincinnati Idle Org.


Took a trip to Cincinnati Idle Org on the 6th of July, 2012. Contrary to its name it is no longer in the town of Cincinnati. A few months ago it moved to its new idle org premises some twenty miles south, to the relatively small Kentucky town of Florence.

From the center of Cincinnati it took 25 minutes, down the highway towards Lexington, at 10:00pm on a Friday night, with little or no traffic, in a sports car with a driver that doesn’t know the definition of the word “fear”. God help those remaining public who happen to live north of Cincinnati (a huge residential area), it could be a 40 or 50 mile journey to the org, through much more substantial traffic.

The new idle org is a pretty unassuming building, an old church, off a two lane road, near an old people’s home, in a commercial type area. The only bright spot is the tasteful and brilliantly lit signage (see photograph) which I am sure was stressed in the promo that heralded the org’s opening. But guess what? That signage is at the back of the building and overlooks the parking lot and dumpster. In real life no one sees it.

There is no body traffic and little drive by traffic that I can see. As the ex Flag Landlord, a post I held for some years, I can tell you that this org is mis-located.

Compare the idle org with Cincinnati’s old location which I visited on the 7th July, 2012. (See the photograph). I estimate this building is 30,000 square feet or more, smack dab in the center of Cincinnati, with good visible signage, including a great vertical sign, and plenty of walk by traffic leading directly into ground floor public division spaces, plus plenty of room for delivery. In other words, the ideal LRH model, the kind of building LRH set up in many major cities around the globe over the years.

Per ex Cincinnati org staff I interviewed today, the old building had been fully owned, bought years ago for 1.25 million dollars and sold recently at a loss (sold for around $500,000) to facilitate the move to the newly mis-located org.

The mind boggles.


  1. “The new idle org is a pretty unassuming building, an old church, off a two lane road, near an old people’s home

    Do they have a “We help the elderly” program? I wouldn’t put it past them to have scam going on over there.

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