Cagliari – Italy

30 September 2012

Here is a report I got on Facebook and copied it here.The original is here

Translations done by Google from Italian:

“Remember the video about the Ideal Org of Cagliari, in Sardinia last year shot by our dear loved Davide Succi?

No!! I will again present taken from Youtube. Here it is!

Today things have not changed much, after an entire year, the Ideal Org of Cagliari is at the same point.

The building, located in an industrial area, with zero crossing and a road with heavy traffic that whizzes across the street is still there, with its red brick. In a state of decay that has not similar in its vicinity.

Here it is today in a series of photos below.”

You will notice that nothing has changed in the appearance of the property for a year now, but let’s take a stroll around.

Empty parking lot, there are no workers to work for the restructuring. Only a small white van anonymous.

But there is something new that we had not noticed before. It is a thin window!And here is a window over the entrance. It is what you see. The Chinese have taken possession of Cagliari Ideal Org.

Do not believe us? Moving on.

To the left of the interior, a large room dedicated to the sale of clothing, Chinese of course.

Not that there’s anything wrong towards the Chinese, do their business and they are very hard working. They work 12-16 hours a day, just like the Sea Org Members.

And earn a lot more, we have seen one coming out n a Porsche!

To the right of the usual chinoiserie copied branded products, but we know how these things are, there are those who prefer because the price is affordable. Unlike the Bridge in the church!

Could have a section dedicated to the Tech? Of course not, and in fact these are the clones of products “industry standard”, but strictly Chinese.

Do not worry, it comes to BASIC, the ACC or CONGRESS, but clones of Apple and Intel.

Doing a bit ‘of calculations so at a guess, it seems that this shop occupies the entire lower floor of the “Futura” (I would say REMOTE) Ideal Org of Cagliari.

That this is a result of the recent expansion of the Cof$ in China?

Call jokes hour, from rumors it seems that the committee that raises money for the Ideal Org of Cagliari is far from the amount requested, so far that is deemed to be a “Mission Impossible”.

Perhaps, if resorted to the help of Captain Tom … who knows! Already knows …

We suppose instead that the previous owner has sold part of the building to the Chinese (who pay cash), preferring to Scientologists (who have never a penny).

Independent We ask ourselves and ask you (for sure if you ask and I will ask the myriad of people, all Sarde, who have donated to this latest fraud, but unfortunately we do not see each other ever return a Euro):

But Mr. Miscavige is aware of all this?”




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