1 October 2012 A Letter from Steve Poore to all Scientologists Dear friends and fellow Scientologists, Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been too active or visible at OTC meetings, OT Ambassador activities (I have been an OT Ambassador since 1995), Int Events, Ideal Org fund raising meetings, Ideal Org openings, etc. over the past many months. I haven’t been back to Flag for about a year. Some of you may have wondered what’s happened. Well, the truth is, I have been wondering that myself. I have pondered this and even concluded that my withdraw must be caused by my own overtsRead More →

First of all, I would like to compliment you on your terrific idea of starting a blog documenting the current state of various “Ideal Orgs.”  I believe that this is a singularly crucial idea in exposing much of the fraud that David Miscavige is perpetuating within the Church of Scientology.   While it is important to document other aspects of the Church’s activities, focusing on the reality vs. image of Ideal Orgs is especially powerful because people can actually see direct physical evidence for themselves that contradicts what the Church is telling them.   I became quite interested in this situation myself when Tony Ortega of theRead More →