My name is Izhar Perlman and I am an ex-Scientologist.

I started the Comm course in 1978 at the Tel Aviv (Israel) missionĀ and completed my OT VII in 1990.

I had tremendous wins getting audited and applying Scientology knowledge in my life, and wish these wins to anyone who wants to enhance life. I am now aware that these wins can be gotten through other practices, beliefs, andĀ self-help methods.

After observing the alteration of the Tech by David Miscavige (If he created the “golden Age of Tech” then was the tech developed by LRH a mere Bronze Age of Tech?), the suppression on free speech (isn’t the Bridge suppose to get us to be able to communicate freely as we choose?), and the obsessed hunger for money, I resigned officially from the “Church” in 2004 and published my Doubt Formula on the Internet in December 2009 (on The Scientology Forum).

I heard from friends that I am an unpublished honorary SP Declare (for the second time), and I wear this badge proudly as a sign of my integrity and sanity.

I created this site as a response to Mike Rinder post on Marty Rathbun’s blog. It is important to document the truth and let it shine and, hopefully, free more suppressed Scientologu Inc’s public and staff.

I am currently living near Lisbon, Portugal and you can communicate with me whenever you wish by clicking here.

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