Sydney Idle Org – Additional data

Hi Izhar,

I saw you had started the idleorgs website and are looking for ideal org info from around the world. I wish to comment on the Sydney Ideal Org.
Attached are a few photos I took in February of the Sydney Ideal Org building. Unlike most Ideal Orgs the Sydney plan was to massively renovate their current Class V org rather then get a new building. This has proven to be an unbelievably disastrous decision. Firstly they had to move out of the building, which they did in July 2009 and moved to a ‘temporary’ org in a backstreet warehouse (no joke, I have photos). Management promised the faithful that they would move back into their newly renovated org within a year. Nearly THREE years later they did move out, but only to ANOTHER ‘temporary’ org. Their ‘Ideal Org’ has laid dormant for three years now and is in a terrible state. As you can see from the photos it is derelict, broken glass, boarded windows, paint and rust everywhere, and what appears to be a homeless shelter inside.
Of course they moved out in 2009 so renovations could happen, but of course no renovations ever happened. I have collected extensive records from Org newsletters, which document this very sad situation and the endless commitments made and broken promises.
Make no mistake, the Ideal Org strategy has soundly broken and crippled Sydney Org. Millions of dollars have been wasted with the schedule bungling and gross incompetence, key public have been soundly bled dry of cash, over $14 million dollars has been ‘donated’ in total, and all for no product and endless misery.
Part of that misery has been the endless fundaisers, and I do mean endless as they have had an average of once every fortnight since they ramped up the fundraising project at the start of 2010. These fundraisers are usually touted as ‘outrageous fun’ and are filled with dance routines, fashion walks, bunny suits, and any other novelty the org can think of to numb the senses and open wallets. I have collected the photos and reports from these events and they are certainly something to gag over.
I have selected a few choice excerpts from the Sydney Org newsletters to illustrate the timeline and the endless lies and deception:

We have 19 days left until work is scheduled to start on our Ideal Org in Castlereagh Street! We need to get the funds in hand to finance this first phase in full, to be able to start in time to finish the renovations in 2010 per the time line. - February 24th 2010
We have 1.2 million to raise in the next couple of weeks which will enable us to start the renovations project of Castlereagh Street –home to our new Continental Ideal Org in Sydney. – March 2nd 2010
We are closing in on the target needed to start renovations. We then have a sprint to the target date for ALL money to be in which is June 15!! – April 19th 2010
We have smashed all earlier highest evers and made over $500,000 in the last 15 days towards Sydney’s Ideal Org. With hundreds of other smaller donations too, we now have less than $2.35 million to fundraise to have all the funds for construction in hand — and when we have that, you know what happens, YES, we start the renovations! - August 1st 2010
 And, as mentioned before, the clock is ticking to get our Ideal Org renovations started. The target is the 10th of October… so, 10.10.10! We have 1.2 mil to go on the count down. This is very exciting. We are SO close. All it takes is a little money into the bank and the scaffolding will be going up, the drills will start up, hammering and banging, cranes will lift beams and materials onto the top of the building and it will be all on in the race to complete!!! A moment we have all been envisioning for a long time now. IT IS TIME TO START! This means we need everyone’s help and input to take it over the line… NOW. We have 5 days left! Come on Sydney – Let’s all agree to disagree with any stops, barriers or any such nonsense and apply some LRH: - October 4th 2010
Hi Syd team, to keep the team in the loop, we have $1,685,100.00 left to start the Syd renos. START! Sydney won’t only be responsible for clearing Sydney but also more than 3 billion people of Asia. So your donations will influence the freedom of half the planet’s population. So let’s give them the best chance they could have of duplicating LRH’s legacy of the tech by moving to your next status. LRH ED 102 Int. ‘One could look at this ideal org and know that this was the place a new civilisation was being established for this planet.’  – May 6th 2011
With over 330 in attendance, we celebrated in style on Saturday night at Le Montage to acknowledge one and all for the major milestone achievement of raising the required funds to start construction of Sydney Ideal Org!
The budget to complete the Ideal Org is $3,731,731 and this must be raised within 3 Months.
We have embarked upon the final stage of funding for the Ideal Org, namely the furniture, all the equipment and all the items that go into setting up the org for delivery, such as all the books and materials needed for delivery spaces as well as uniforms for all the staff. The total budget for this is $3,731,731.  - August 17th 2011
Sydney Org is in its 6th decade. Yes, some say that there have been times of greater expansion in the past. But whilst we have had spurts of successful dissemination with more public coming in, it did not continue to expand. In fact, it contracted. Wonder why that was? Not to even begin to consider what we are up against in the day to day world of economic crisis, morale decay, all manner of psychiatric “remedies” for depression and drugged out kids in schools. We have never had an IDEAL org.
The target? Complete the Ideal Org funding by the 15th of December! That is 63 days away. -

 October 13th 2011
The Sydney Fundraising, of which a little over $ 2.7 million remains, must be completed by Australia Day, the 26th of January! Yes, we are running out of time! - January 3rd 2012
The target is 24th of March – yes, the LRH Birthday Celebration 2012! We intend to give LRH the very best present – a milestone achievement of all the funds in the bank for the Sydney Ideal Org.The Sydney field, with help from Melbourne, has raised over 12 million to get the Continental Ideal Org in Sydney done.  - March 4th 2012

And so it goes on and on, and I hasten to point out no construction has started yet.
Feel free to rewrite/edit this information for posting.
In addition I can briefly comment on Ideal Orgs in ANZO. Melbourne was the first (and only) to open, in February 2011. This required a HUGE amount of money (20 mil +?), and I heard that money from Sydney was diverted to Melbourne to at least get one Ideal Org in Australia going. They have touted Melbourne as a huge success but a closer look reveals a dwindling field and very few of the new ‘boom’ of public sticking around.
Perth and Auckland also have ‘active’ Ideal Org projects but quite frankly these are going nowhere, their fields are tiny and there just isn’t the money. If I remember rightly Auckland has even bought a building for their Ideal Org, but they will never get the money to renovate it.
PS. I just noticed after completing this email that someone else has already sent you in some info on the Sydney Ideal Org! Good info and pics there that are newer then mine – they moved into that new building at 209 Castlereagh Street last month. Perhaps you can still make use of some of my info.

Sydney Idle Org

Hi there,

I hope this helps….

The org can only be found by the address.

There is no indication in the common foyer area (which is dirty & tiny) of which floor to proceed to.

Only access is via elevator – as far as I can tell. Maybe that’s what the midget meant by “Straight up and vertical”.

The building as a whole is very poorly maintained.


Sydney Org (before DM’s Idle Org Campaign

Sydney Org ca. 2009-2011

Sydney Org (2012) – No signage whatsoever.

Sydney Org (2012) – Side view

written by:

Dean John D.
Pro Crse Sup, OEC/FEBC, KTL/LOC Sup, Purif I/C, Product Debug Grad, Data Eval Grad,
Grade II, FPRD (all forms), Truth Rundown,
17 Years on staff (6 in Sydney Fdn, 11 in ACT),
Plus 3 additional years as an honary Gold technician for ANZO (trying to make DMs squirrely ’16mm-film-projector-with-CD-audio’ work for longer than a week at a time) and silver-cert’ing tape decks and simulators.
Declared SP

PS You may want to indicate on you website that the Sydney Org photos were taken yesterday at 4:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time – so they are very current.

18 April 2012

Just received the photo for The entrance to the original Sydney Org