Photo Update: Georgia – Atlanta Ideal Org

We got this link from Jeff Yates’s excellent article “The ghost building stock of Scientology” published 7 May 2015

5395 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30342, USA According photos taken at the scene in November 2014, the building is not renovated, and the local Church still seeking funding for the project.

Photo Update: Georgia – Atlanta Ideal Org
A friend of the forum sent some photos to me at Facebook to share here if I wanted them for the forum. He took these when he drove by the Church of Scientology of Georgia Ideal Org today. They speak for themselves!

He had posted this on Facebook:


Given how much effort the “church” of $cientology spends hiding Travolta and Cruise’s love of men, you’d think they’d have picked someone other than GAY construction to renovate their Sandy Springs facility.

Here are rest of what he sent me. Although there is some kind of construction work going on, the place is still in terrible shape… all these years and this is all they managed to accomplish. Here are some other pics:

He said  “I hope this is the beginning of them going bankrupt.”

Me, too!

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Atlanta Idle Org

Atlanta org seems to have moved according to Google and it’s not to the ideal org either. That means that there is another one dead.

Here are a couple of pics of the very idle org taken on January 18, 2011.


The building is beginning to show some wear now that it has been vacant for several years. The front driveway is blocked by a chain but a back driveway is open and can be driven through.

Side of the building. A faux shutter has become loose and is hanging by a thread. I imagine that the ‘sales office’ was from a previous tenant.

Back of the building…no one home.

Mattress tech. Someone dumped an old mattress on the east side of the building. Notice also that there is some firewood laying around as if someone dumped some logs and chopped them up.

Closeup of one of those columns: