Shortly after the Basel Idle Org was opened with a big celebration with COB, the place was raided by the police. Here is the translation of the article that was published today in Blick – Switzerland. Another PR disaster!                                                 Moonlighting at the psycho-sect? Raided Scientology in Basel BASEL – The Scientology Temple in Basel scored visit from the police.Suspicion: The psycho-sect is said to have reported employees from abroad is not properly. Published: 08/21/2015 7 Comments Printing E-mail Play LOOK atRead More →

email received: “Hi Izhar Here again a little update from Zurich Idle Org. This is how it looks today,  14 June 2015. So that must be about 6 years since the building was purchased. It was shown by Captain Miscavige at the Maiden Voyage event in 2011. Best wishesRead More →