Frankfurt – Germany

6 March 2013

A German eyewitness wrote us:

“The “org” is a big building, but the main entrance “of the org”  is a Bagel shop and the floor above that is some Asian  company.

The entrance to the org is far on the side of the building in a side street. It is hard to find behind parked cars and constructions.

There is a tiny little sign on the door “bitte klingeln” (please ring). The “org” seems to be on the 3rd floor.

On a Sunday for hours there was no sign of any activity or anybody going in or out of the org,

The only traffic was in the bagel shop. What a sad picture.


But then again, Miscavige  has NO intention of expanding Scientology. This building business is just a real estate business for him and his partners in CST.

The buildings get conveniently maintained by dedicated staff members and fully paid by Parishioners, they even pay for the maintenance of the buildings. 

AND the staff members have to pay RENT for using the spaces.

Munich Idle Org

April 21, 2012

Hey man, I’m in Munich for the weekend and decided to check out the local idle org (Ideal Morgue, ahem). I googled for the location here:
Scientology Kirche Deutschland
Nordendstr. 3, 80799 München,
+49 89/27817732 ‎

On Google map it looks like this:

The street view of Google looks like this (I have no idea hwy the area is blackened out)

There is a photo attached to Google maps for this address and this is it:

But when I arrived I found that there was nothing there.(pic attached).

I looked around the net a while and found the proper address, which I guess is their new Ideal Morgue. I walked in at about 12:45 and acted like raw meat. There were about 12-15 staff assembling for muster in the main room. A handler came out an talked to me. He showed me around the first floor, showed me all the books. He really wasn’t trying to hard sell me anything, which was really nice. The lobby was about 100sqm and half used for offices. He took me up to the third floor and showed me the org board, there were about 10 students that then went into the course room for roll call. He then showed me the auditing rooms that were completely empty. He told me that they have about 100 staff total, and that he only worked on saturdays. Then I watched the dianetics video. It was about 20 minutes long, only about 5 of that was spent talking about what dianetics actually is, the rest was just idiots talking about how amazing it is. The same stupid commercials that you see on youtube. I told him I had to run because I had to meet a friend in 10 minutes, he let me go and only tried to sell me one book. He let me take a few pictures, but not the stats, courseroom, orgboard, etc.