Zürich, Switzerland – Idle Org

Hi Izhar

Thank you for providing this website to collect the data and show the actual state of the “Idle Orgs” around the planet. I hope more and more people will inform themselves and find out about this ponzi scheme.

I send you here some data and pictures for the Zürich Idel Org.
It would be good, if you could also publish the German Translation so that the Data will show up in Switzerland in Google.
Please let me know if you need to have any additional data.
I do not wish to disclose my name or email address on the Website at the moment.
Thank you!
Best wishes!The new Idle Org building for Zürich was shown at the Maiden Voyage event in 2011.
Could it be, that it is this building located at Winterthurerstrasse 703? This is about 5 miles from the center of Zurich with hardly any pedestrians walking by.http://maps.google.ch/maps?q=Winterthurerstrasse+703,+Z%C3%BCrich&hl=de&ie=UTF8&ll=47.406773,8.58058&spn=0.053094,0.062485&sll=47.406547,8.584211&sspn=0.001666,0.001953&oq=winterthurerstrasse+703&hnear=Winterthurerstrasse+703,+Kreis+12,+8051+Z%C3%BCrich&t=m&z=14 The building was bought for approx. 8 Million $ about 3 years ago (after heavy weekly regging (fundraising) for several years of the few hundred active Scientologists). Fundraising has continued since for another approx. 8 Million.

This is how the bulding looks today (May 2012). No sign of renovation.


German Translation

Das neue Gebäude für die „Ideale Org Zürich“ wurde am Maiden Voyage event 2011 gezeigt. Könnte es sich dabei um dieses Gebäude an der Winterthurerstrasse 703 handeln? Das ist ca. 8 km entfernt von Zürichs Zentrum (Hauptbahnhof) mit kaum Fussgängerverkehr.


Das Gebäude wurde für ungefähr 8 Millionen vor ca. 3 Jahren gekauft (nach wöchentlichem Fundraising bei den paar hundert aktiven Scientologen). Das Fundraising wurde seither weitergeführt da für die Renovation weitere ca. 8 Millionen benötigt würden.

Das ist wie das Gebäude heute aussieht (Mai 2012). Keine Anzeichen von Renovation.