The following article by Jeff Yates was published today in the Jornal Metro of Montreal Here is the link Here is the google translations into English: ” The Church of Scientology of Montreal owes nearly $ 117,000 to the City in unpaid property taxes for the building it owns on Sainte-Catherine Street in the heart of the Latin Quarter. Les Affaires and Métro investigated this building to become a kind of cathedral of Scientology, but which remains unoccupied. Les Affaires and Métro learned that the Church of Scientology has always $ 62,563 for his property taxes in 2014. For those of 2015, the amount payableRead More →

Roger wrote “:Hello Izhar, I just wanted to send you these very recent pix of Chicago Idle org status, which I’d taken last Thursday (Jan 30 2014)  when down in the city for some work stuff. They are hardly any different, from those taken several years back, but felt you may like them for updating purposes. “. “It is just beyond unbelievable, that the many people who did donate to this, are not completely up in arms about the scam they’ve been lead into – yet it looks like all the other city violations that the building has been experiencing, are assuredly going to preventRead More →