Izhar, According to the attached flyer, the Church had a ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday to celebrate the renovations on the Stevens Creek “Ideal Org” location. So here you have a situation where they had a ribbon-cutting ceremony back in 2005 to celebrate the opening of the org and then another one seven years later to celebrate renovations?  It seems like we’re seeing “phase two” of DM’s drive for fund raising – secure donations for the original project and then later for “upgrades,’ thus perpetuating an endless cycle of regging. MarcRead More →

Izhar,   Here is some more info on the Stevens Creek “Ideal Org.”   In response to an email from the Church announcing plans to build an Ideal Org there, the poster on your site wonders if the location isn’t already supposed to represent that status.  This is correct; the Church identifies Stevens Creek as an Ideal Org on their website: http://www.scientology.org/david-miscavige/churchopenings/stevens-creek-new-church-in-the-south-bay.html.  Of course, the grand opening was back in 2005.  Maybe they’re counting on people not remembering this (or reading their site)?  Anyway, here’s a picture from the opening: This Org also made an appearance in the San Fernando Valley Org’s As usual, they couldn’tRead More →