Stockholm Idle Org – April 2013

Here is a report we got from Sweden:

“I live in Stockholm at the moment and it’s the first time I’ve ever been near a Scientology facility (though I’ve been reading a lot about Scientology the last few years). I noticed you didn’t have anything from Stockholm here (except one photo that was recently uploaded but wasn’t there when I checked). Anyway I shot a little video showing the building and surroundings and uploaded it on youtube and you can share and embed it here on your page, just glad to contribute:”

in you tube he says: “made a visit to the Scientology org of Stockholm on the 21st of April 2013. There’s only 3 orgs in Sweden, in Stockholm, Göteborg (Gothenburg), and Malmö (outside of Malmö in Eslöv there’s also a Narconon). This one in the capital city is pretty pathetic, it’s on the outskirts of Stockholm where no people come except those who work in the various industries around.”

Buffalo Idle Org owes money of course…

Just got an email from Dan who says:

“I had a friend in Buffalo spot the attached mechanic’s lien filed against the Buffalo Org. It was settled on the same day. You can almost see the expression on the local Scientologist’s faces when they got the lien… “Oh shit! This is bad PR.”


Mechanic’s lien

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A mechanic’s lien is a security interest in the title to property for the benefit of those who have supplied labor or materials that improve the property. The lien exists for both real property and personal property. In the realm of real property, it is called by various names, including, generically, construction lien. It is also called a materialman’s lien or supplier’s lien when referring to those supplying materials, a laborer’s lien when referring to those supplying labor, and a design professional’s lien when referring to architects or designers who contribute to a work of improvement. In the realm of personal property, it is also called an artisan’s lien. The term “lien” comes from a French root, with a meaning similar to link; it is related to “liaison.” Mechanic’s liens on property in the United States date from the 18th century.

Here is the scan of the Business First


The Idle Redlands Mission – California

This appeared on Marty’s blog on the 8 April, 2012

Massive, Straight Up and Vertical International Expansion – Really Dave?

This was written by Mike Rinder.

“Ok Master Manager Miscavige – how do you explain this? The “Redlands Mission.”

Come on Dave, don’t be shy – this is (was) the closest Mission to RTC Headquarters. This is the closest Scientology delivery to your $70 million palace.

This is your massive straight up and vertical booming international expansion?

Maybe it just hasn’t osmosed from your home in neighboring Riverside County into San Bernardino County yet? Or from neighboring LA County for that matter? Maybe they don’t get TV there in San Bernardino?  Maybe they are just out of step with the rest of the world?  Maybe none of the 10 million Scientologists are in San Bernardino County?  Certainly none of the 10,000 Orgs and Missions are…. Perhaps the 2 million residents of San Bernardino are just not part of the 12,054 new people flooding into Scientology every day because there is something in their drinking water?

Dave, this building is less than 30 minutes from RTC HQ straight down Highway 10. You pass within a mile of it every time you roll by in your bulletproof armored van, or your BMW, Saleen Mustang, Mazda RX 7, Miata, Landrover Discovery, Ford Expedition, Acura RL or whatever else you have on the West Coast these days.

Dave, how about an explanation for this photo taken just 3 days ago by Sinar Parman?”

And SInar Parman just sent me the  directory entrance when that mission was alive.

Here is the text there:

The Church of Scientology Mission of San Bernardino Valley is along New York Street in Redlands.  It is a Scientology church that offers services and office hours various days each week.  It is relatively new to the area and tucked away along the side street, but is still becoming more well-known throughout the community.  It is welcoming to existing congregation members, as well a newcomers and those interested in the Scientology denomination.  More information about the church can be found by calling during one of the office hours or stopping by to get some more information.

  • Hours: Office: Tue, Wed & Thu, 6:30pm – 9pm; Sun, 1pm – 5pm
  • Handicap Accessible: There is a street level entrance.
  • Parking: Free lot
  • Recreational facilities: No”

and the photos attached: