How to Help

How can you help?

  • Take a camera or camcorder and go over to the Org near you. Snap photos that show the state of the Org, mission or staff. Car parking lot or any other photo or video that might show the true condition of the building, the delivery inside or the staff that is there.
  • Write up an email telling the scene as it is and add the photos you took. Send the email you composed to
  • The administrator will publish your story and the photos you sent.
  • Give yourself a Very Well Done for doing something about the lies and deception with which David Miscavige is suppressing good and constructive people


Thank you for your help and participation in getting the truth out.

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  1. St Louis, Missouri – St Louis has a building at 6901 Delmar. It is a Class 5 Org. The Church of Scientology Missouri owes $900,000 on that building. It is 3 stories and 15,000 sq.ft. There is no new public coming in – only 1-2 people on course each day and it has been that way for years. 1-2 public each month getting auditing. St. Louis purchased a building in 2007 at 2345 Lafayette for $1,600,000. The building is 60,000 sq.ft. and was vacant for many years so it is falling apart. The previous owner purchased the building for $800,000 only 1 year prior to selling it to the Church of Scientology – so that seller made a $800,000 profit and the building is in bad disrepair. The roof was leaking, the building was filled with junk and the parishioner’s had to board up the windows. They have to raise $6,000,000 to begin renovations. It has been 5 years and they have bankrupted most of the parishoner’s and only have $2,000,000 raised. Most of the OT’s are gone, the public gone and staff dwindling down to just a few die hard families running the Org. Remember – they have to pay a mortgage on the Delmar property ($900,000).

    The Church of Scientology also purchased a small gas station and lot next door for $500,000. The previous owner had paid $150,000 two years prior so she made $350,000 profit in the sale. This is suppose to be the new Ideal Org’s parking lot. That seller had financial problems and had a lis pendins on the property. This was made known to the landlord’s office (the guys in charge of the purchase) yet they still told the woman the Co$ was buying it and she raised the price. They could have gotten a good price on both the larger building but chose to pay top dollar and tell the parishoner’s they were lucky they only paid $2,100,000 for both – that most Org’s are paying $4-$6 million for their properties.

    Currently, the Church of Scientology Missouri owes $102,000 in real estate taxes for 2011-2012 for the properties. This includes penalities and interest for non-payment. They have been paying about $55,000 in real estate taxes each year for vacant, boarded up buildings. 4 x $55,000 = $220,000 + $65,000 = $285,000 just for real estate taxes.

    The properties have gone down substantially in value due to purchasing at the height of the real estate bubble!!

    The Twin Cities Org in St Paul has NO PARKING. There is an under ground parking lot underneath the building they purchased but they are not allowed to use it – that is owned by the City of St Paul and on top of that – they have to pay rent to the City of St Paul for the “ground” the building sits on. So the staff have to come up with rent each month to pay the City of St Paul just for the ground this building sits on along with electric, gas etc…and NO ONE IS COMING IN!! Most of the building is shut down, heat turned off and lights/electric turned off. The staff and public have to pay for parking in the City of St Paul.

    The Twin Cities area has tons of properties with parking – St Paul is dead – Minneapolis is a better location but the Co$ sold that building in Minneapolis to buy the loser in St Paul. This is “ideal” planning from Scientology? Absolutely insane!

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